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Report of December Month 2017 - Piperita Oil and M

Piperita Oil: - Due to high Demand of Piperita Oil in USA/Europe. The availability is less. It seems that in coming months the availability of Oil will be very-very less as the new oil will come only in May, 2018. The stock which is available in the hands of few strong speculators in market. Farmers do not have any Oil in their hands due to high pricing in last quarter in 2017. Farmers sold out their stocks of Piperita Oil.

So, we suggest if you need Piperita oil in First/Second quarter. Please cover your need as some information we heard in the market that shortage of American mint oil and prices are almost increased from US $ 55/Kgs to US $ 65/Kgs. So in our Opinion prices will be firm till new crops harvesting in May 2018 and American Crop harvesting in August, 2018.

Mentha Oil: - Stock are decreasing every day and demand of Menthol Powder from Chinese company is very high and already long term contracts of Menthol Powder and Crystals are of in the ranges of US $ 20-25/kgs. The Current prevailing market price of Menthol Powder and Crystals are US $ 32-38/kgs.

Due to additional demand of few multinational company (toothpaste and chewing gum manufacturers). Due to BASF Plant shutdown after fire. Its customers shifted towards Indian and Chinese Menthol manufacturers. So, demand is more and availability is less what is seen in last quarter in 2017. 

It’s wait and watch position when the American and European market will open ?

We will update you when the situation changes.