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Report of May Month 2018- Piperita Oil and Mentha

Piperita Oil: - Harvesting of New Crops has already been started here in India. Initial reports was that crop looks good but in recent the high-velocity dust storm followed by thundershowers which affect yield. With fresh Oils expected from June onwards and it is hoped that supply will meet strong demand from the domestic and overseas markets. We do not foresee any price relief nor we Predict price expectation at this time as the prices. Prices can be ascertained when full harvesting completed and plenty material available.

There has been little material in the market since the start of the year after a small carry over from the 2017 season.


Mentha Oil : The harvesting Mentha Arvensis crops will start in the month of June and Mentha Oil will arrive in market in the month of June-July. The based on surveys and discussions with others in the growing regions.  It is reported that yield per acre/ hectare is down. 

As per estimates, Mentha oil production in India for crop year 2017-18 will be around 40000MT. The prices will depend on domestic as well as export demand. We will further update when harvesting of Mentha arvensis oil crops completes.