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Report of August Month 2017 - Crop of Piperita Oil

Piperita Oil: - Harvesting of Piperita Oil crops has almost completed. As we mentioned in our last report that acreage are less in comparison to the last year. Prices also increases to level of US $ 48/KG for the 1st cut material and US $ 70/KG for 2nd Cut material.

A limited stock is sold by farmers in open market and the rest of material are with farmers and distillers at field level.

This Year, the exporters have no more carry forward stock of 2016 Crops. They have even not purchased much material of 2017 crops and no volume of material are in their hands. This year there is chances that the material will be offered by exporters to overseas customers in small lot of 15-20 Drums.

Mentha Oil: - The harvesting of 1st cut of Mentha crop is almost completed. In the next week harvesting of 2nd cut will start. As during last few day, the  price has increased about US $ 2-3/kgs of Mentha Oil. The domestic speculator involved in procuring the Mentha Oil from open market. Now from last three – four days the tendency of decrease in prices noted and everyone wants to book their profit by selling the speculated oils. Pressure of selling oil is noted from Barabanki (Uttar Pradesh). It seems that prices will further decline in near future.

We will update you when the situation changes.